Friday, May 23, 2008

The first day of the rest of my life

Hello internetz! As of today I'm officially in my mid-twenties and thus, I begin my foray into the blogsphere as a result of my oddly isolated existence. With a live-in girlfriend, a job at a very small company, a short 25 minute commute, and most of my friends living in other cities, I'm in a very strange place. I scour the web a good amount and most of the time my arrogant ass thinks I can do a much better job than what I read. So here's my shot.

I do not want to bore everyone with the mundane details of my life (boca bugers again? ball sacks!), so this here slice of cyber pie will mostly be my opinions and insight on the things I usually think about anyway. 80 percent of this will be football (soccer for the haters), but I'll throw in some pop culture and Chicago living along the way.

Bear with me as I work on formatting and design... and keep a look out for a shiny new banner in the coming days.

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